BeehiveFund is non-profit organization that is made up of an international network of people and organizations focusing on:

  • providing strategic support to entities who offer innovative ideas and products to enhance the globalization of education
  • providing a portal and service corridor for foreign students to seamlessly initiate their pursuit of higher education goals in various US universities
  • seeking best practices in education and promoting them through our international conferences

BeehiveFund welcomes donations from those individuals and companies who:

  • are passionate about quality education in universities and identify it as a means to achieve and sustain a nation’s prosperity
  • agree that global diversity in classrooms generates graduates who are better prepared for success in the global economy
  • like to support globalization of education through technological applications such as virtual classrooms

Sample articles from a recent USP International Conference:

  1. L-F Pau, Prof. Mobile Business
    WLAN Hot Spot service Business for the automotive and oil industries Or: “Refuel the car with petrol and information, and the maintenance networks with information “
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  2. Consumer Driven Supply Chain System: the Only Way to True Mass Customization Beyond Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Toyota Production System
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